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I) General Provisions

  1. Bc. Barbora Kamínková, DiS., Commercial registration No 73333409 with the seat at Na Bečvě 917, Lipník nad Bečvou, 751 31 (hereinafter "the controller") is the controller of personal data in accordance with Article 4 (7) of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 on protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter "GDPR").

  2. The controller's contact information

  • Address: Na Bečvě 917, 751 31Lipník nad Bečvou, The Czech republic

  • Email: info@ceramics4home.com

  • Telephone No: +420 724 940 038 (GTM +1)

  1. "Personal data" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ("data subject"); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

  2. The controller has not appointed any representative for protection of personal data.

II) Sources and Categories of Processed Personal Data

1. The controller processes personal data, which you have provided, or personal data, which the controller obtained through the execution of your order.

2. The controller processes your identification and contact information, as well as information necessary for performance of the contract.

III) Legal Cause and Purpose for Processing of Personal Data

1. Legal cause for processing of personal data is:

  • performance of the contract between yourself and the controller in accordance with Article 6 (1) b) GDPR,

  • lawful interest of the controller in provision of direct marketing (particularly for distribution of commercial communications and newsletters) in accordance with Article 6 (1) f) GDPR,

  • your consent with processing for the purposes of provision of direct marketing (particularly for distribution of commercial communications and newsletters) in accordance with Article 6 (1) a) GDPR, together with Article 7 (2) Law No 482/2004 on certain information society services, in cases when no order for a product or service has been placed.

2. Purpose for processing of personal data is:

  • execution of your order and performance of the rights and obligations derived from the contractual relationship between yourself and the controller. Personal data deemed necessary for successful execution of the order are required upon placement of an order (including name, address and contact information). Provision of personal data is a necessary requirement for conclusion and performance of a contract. The conclusion or performance of the controller's part in the contract is not possible without provision of personal data.

  • distribution of commercial communications and performance of other marketing activities.

3. On the part of the controller, no automated individual decision-making in accordance with Article 22 GDPR is employed.

IV) Duration of Data Retention

1. The controller retains personal data:

  • for a period of time necessary for the performance of the rights and obligations derived from the contractual relationship between yourself and the controller, as well as to the assertion of claims based on this contractual relationship (for 15 years after termination of the contractual relationship).

  • for a period of time before withdrawal of consent with processing of personal data for marketing purposes. This period does not extend over 2 years, if the personal data had been processed consensually.

2. The controller will delete corresponding personal data after expiration of the data retention period.

V) Recipients of Personal Data (the Controller's Subcontractors)

1. Recipients of the personal data are persons:

  • involved in the delivery of products (Zásilkovna, DPD) - these recipients retain data for the purpose of delivery of ordered products - see Smlouva o zpracování osobních údajů (the Contract on procession of personal data) issued by Zásilkovna,

  • Providing e-shop services (Webnode)

2. The controller intends to provide personal data to a third country (a country outside of the European Union) or an international organisation. The recipient of personal data is a provider of mail services Mailchimp (USA), hired by the controller to distribute newsletters. Mailchimp will only retain email addresses and usernames and will not use these data for any other purposes.

VI) Your Rights

1. Under conditions stipulated in GDPR you have:

  • Right of access to your personal data in accordance with Article 15 of GDPR,

  • Right to rectification of your personal data in accordance with Article 16 of GDPR, alternatively, the limitations on processing in accordance with Article 18 of GDPR,

  • Right to erasure of personal data in accordance with Article 17 of GDPR,

  • Right to restriction of processing in accordance with Article 21 of GDPR,

  • Right to data portability of personal data in accordance with Article 20 of GDPR,

  • Right to withdraw consent with processing of your personal data in writing or electronically to the controller's email address as stated in Article 3 of these Terms.

2. Additionally, you have the right to appeal to the data protection authorities, if you think that any of your data protection rights has been violated.

VII) Terms of Personal Data Security

  1. The controller declares that she implemented all appropriate technical and organisational measures for personal data protection.

  2. The controller implemented technical measures to ensure safety of data storage equipment, particularly through protection with password, encryption and data backup.

  3. The controller declares that the collected personal data can be accessed only by individuals appointed by the controller.

VII) Cookies


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Erasure of Cookies

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IX) Your Settings

Naturally, you can refuse to fill in your personal identification information, however, decision to do so might result in our inability to provide you with certain services. You can update or correct your personal data as well as save your contact e-mail address anytime in your profile section of your account. Please, keep in mind, that some content uploaded on our website by the users might not be possible to delete and remains object of our Terms. We will take all appropriate steps to protect your privacy and security. For example, you will be required to identify yourself with a password for verification of your identity before being admitted to your personal profile. Your responsibility lays in keeping your unique password and profile information secret.

X) Final Provisions

  1. By placing your order using our online order form you confirm that you have familiarised yourself with the Terms of Personal Data Protection and that you accept them in their entirety.

  2. Your consent to these Terms is expressed by checking a box in the online form. By checking the consent box, you confirm, that you have familiarised yourself with the Terms of Personal Data Protection and that you accept them in their entirety.

  3. The controller reserves the right to change these Terms. A new version of the Terms of Personal Data Protection will be announced and uploaded on our website, simultaneously, the new version of the Terms will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided to the controller.

You are welcome to send any questions or comments about the Terms of Personal Data Protection to the following e-mail address: bara.kaminkova@keramika-dum.cz.

These Terms came into effect on 1st May 2018.

Last edited on 1st February 2020.