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Hand painted ceramic tiles
Hand painted ceramic tiles

Making ceramics has always been my dream: getting lost in the world of fantasies, travelling through lands of castles, deep forests, blooming gardens, ancient orchards, stormy seas, quiet hidden corners, talking with good trolls and dragons. 

I take pleasure in listening to people and bringing them a little piece of their own fantasies. Creating a small handicraft and holding it in my hands. Sending it to people and hearing how happy it makes them.

I was first introduced to ceramics by my mum, who had been introduced to it by her mother. I am a third-generation who fell under its spell. I have graduated from the Philosophical Faculty in Brno with a major in History of Arts, Czech Language and Literature, and the Higher Professional School of Artistic Crafts in Brno with a major in Ceramics and Porcelain Restauration. My studies provided me with the pleasure of meeting many amazing people who experience the universe through colours and crafts.

The person I have learnt the most from is my mum. She used to take me to her ceramic workshop, to ceramics fairs, to galleries, to her friends' ceramic studio. We created together, talked, and ceramics have become what brings us so much joy. I owe for my ability to create my own ceramics to my dad as well, who used to make kilns and made one for me. I still use it to make ceramics for you.

I craft my ceramics in a small workshop in our family house at the edge of a little town surrounded by nature and history. I draw inspiration from my walks in nature: behind our river, there are farms, hills and forests, and our whole valley is guarded by a medieval Helfštýn castle . I come here for a stroll with my children, or on a bike ride, and while my children play around and the landscape passes by, more and more ideas come to me.

My creations have been very much influenced by my travels in England, Scotland and Ireland. This is where, as a student for nine years, I spent every holiday travelling with friends and playing the violin with local musicians. I could not imagine that I would not set out and go there for the whole summer holiday. Since I currently live in my native land, the Czech Republic, I have decided to send at least my representatives - my ceramics - to the green islands. When the green islands are the new destination for my ceramics, why not to sell in the other corners of Europe? Ceramic plates are easy to package and to send almost anywhere. Thus, my ceramic creations travel and I, in my imagination, travel with them. I rejoice over this idea and over cooperation with people from all around the world, and I am equally delighted to pass this happiness on with my work.