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Nameplate with red garden roses

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This romantic handcrafted ceramic nameplate with roses will make any home's entrance blossom with love, beauty and passion.

I can make this nameplate for your either with or without alterations to the design displayed in the picture. These alterations may include: the shape of the ceramic, colours and various details on the motif.

This nameplate may be ordered in three sizes: small format (13 cm) medium format (20 cm), large format (29 cm) - choose a desired size option.

  • Insert the desired design into a shopping cart, choose a desired size (choose one of the size options) and proceed to place an order.
  • In the last step of the placement of the order, fill in the "Additional information" section with description of any desired alterations to the original design.
  • I do not require any deposits or advance payments. First, I will draft a design for your nameplate. I will create a ceramic based on a draft that you approved. I will send you payment instructions only after your product has been completed and is ready to be dispatched to you.
  • Availability: Made to order in three size variations.

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