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Custom house sign

Order new design

Ordering a house number or a nameplate with a personalised shape and motif.

Have you not found a motif that would best capture what you like in the gallery? You are in the right place. Order your own design.

  • Choose the size of your plate (13 cm, 20 cm, 29 cm)
  • Add the item into your cart, click on an icon of a shopping cart in the top right corner of the web page and proceed with the placement of the order.
  • Describe your desired plate in the "Additional information" section in the last step of the placement of the order.
  • Later, we can discuss your motif on Facebook messenger or via email.
  • I do not collect any deposits or advance payments. Payment instructions will only be issued when your product is finished and is ready to be dispatched.

Choose a variant:

Starting at 25.00 €

You do not need to think hard about the shape of the plate nor the composition of individual elements. You can choose to leave all this to me. I only need you to choose the motif for your plate, one sentence like this would be enough: "We enjoy cycling, going on trips and going to the cinema. Our street number is 96 and our family name is "Smith". This input is all I need.

I will draft a design proposal and send it to you for your feedback. Tell me what elements you would like altered, I will make the final plate based on a design that you like.